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Water Sampling and Testing

In theory anyone can fill a bottle and send it away to a laboratory, however the correct taking of samples is paramount foe the result to be meaningful and in a compliance sense for them to be valid.

Choosing the best representative numbers and points to sample from, needs to be carried out by an expert, to avoid wasting money and resources on meaningless results.

Test results which arrive back without the correct procedures having been followed and/or without the full context of the system sampled, can result in unnecessary panic and escalation.

For a full and professional expert service please contact Zeta and one of our consultants will discuss your needs in detail and then be able to organise the sampling following the correct protocols and arrange for testing at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

The safeguarding of water quality in the built environment has become a critical concern, whether for process use, infection control or potability of drinking water.

Zeta offers a comprehensive suite of water sampling and testing and we can usually accommodate any testing requirement. Typical services include;

• Legionella in accordance with BS7592:2008
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• General Microbiology
– Total Viable Count (TVC) 22oC and 37oC
– Coliforms
– E.Coli
• Standard drinking water suites
• Lead
• Scale and other deposit analysis

If you need assistance with water sampling and testing please contact us on 01869 326000 or drop us a line

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