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Fire Services

Fire is a risk to all organisations not only from a life safety perspective but also from asset losses; be it building, equipment or information.

Zeta’s Fire Engineering and Fire Safety Management team working in partnership with clients offers tailored services in areas of Engineering, Training, Fire Safety Management and Fire Risk Assessment.

Fire Customers

Managing health, safety and environmental compliance obligations is a demanding and complex task. This complexity and frequent changes to the statutory obligations can leave those responsible for large estates uncertain about their level of compliance. Consequently, many businesses and individuals involved in health, safety and environmental compliance operations could be exposed to significant risks due to non-compliance.

The risks of non-compliance could involve risks to persons and the environment as well as potential litigation, financial cost and reputational damage. Current legislation allows for companies and individuals to be prosecuted for failing to fulfil their statutory obligations. Our compliance services enable us to help businesses identify and minimise risk, remove unnecessary costs and improve compliance performance.

Working worldwide with organisations of all sizes, from privately owned companies to the public sector, the Group has established a long and successful track record of delivering quality compliance services to customers, which has enabled us to stand out from our competitors. We provide our clients with complete confidence, reassurance, peace of mind and satisfaction.


Important information – Zeta do not advise in any way on the combustibility or fire performance of any cladding system. We expressly exclude any liability for any claims or losses incurred directly or indirectly as a result of any such issue and the client should seek advice from specialist advisers on this subject.

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