Legionella Risk Assessment

Zeta risk assessments take account of the inherent risk in your sector to provide a tailored report, formatted using dedicated specialist teams that best suit your working environment.

Whether you are in a complex / higher risk scenario such as healthcare or industrial cooling towers or lower risk environments such as retail or commercial premises. Zeta has the ideal solution for your needs.

Zeta’s fields consultants use the latest in IT to gather their data in a structured way and with a rigorous QA process this ensures consistency in each risk environment.

This allows you to build up your risk history and develop the ‘Living Document’ approach, now advocated by the HSE.

Zeta is regulated by the Legionella Control Association to provide risk assessments which follow a methodology in accordance with BS 8580.

Since 1997, Zeta has been the leading specialist provider of Legionella Risk Assessments in accordance with HSE Approved Code of Practice L8 and HSG274

“Very well delivered and informative course, very interesting and useful, many thanks”

“Great content throughout the training course, very informative”

“For us the training was exactly what we needed and was very well delivered”

“FA very able instructor whose easy going manner and ability to make what could have been rather dull a quite enjoyable course”

“I consider the training that my staff undertook was cost effective and very successful and I certainly will be looking to use your Training services again…”

“Zeta Compliance Services’ independent stance, professionalism and commitment to quality was evident when they conducted and presented our risk assessment… In terms of both legal and business requirements, Zeta Compliance Services provided a level of assurance to our Trust that we are complying with HTM 04.01 standards.”

“As part of the risk assessment process, Zeta Compliance Services surveyed our sites and recorded all the necessary information for an accurate and very professional schematic drawing. The drawings were very clear and easy to follow.”

“Our trainer was very knowledgeable, presented the course content very well and could readily answer questions put to him by the course delegates. What could have been an overly technical training delivery was actually a pleasant experience. The associated accreditation adds great value to the course”

“Within a short time period and with Zeta Compliance Services’ help, we were able to obtain a complete asset register, barcode all assets and set up a control scheme to monitor and analyse all of our water related assets. ZetaSafe® has enabled us to manage our estates more effectively and efficiently. Any large building looking to manage health, safety and environmental compliance should look to use ZetaSafe®.
Our experience with ZetaSafe® and Zeta Compliance Services as their Approved Supplier has been great, from initial setup, training and technical support; nothing is a problem.”

“Zeta Compliance Services have enabled us to self deliver on several aspects of our management of water hygiene, this has ultimately saved us a significant amount both in terms of time and money.
With no vested interest in obtaining revenue from additional services like chemical or cleaning solutions, we feel Zeta Compliance Services have the Trust’s interests in mind. The Trust is now equipped with technology and trained personnel who are able to go about and conduct tasks that we would potentially pay for.”

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