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Legionella Prevention

Have you ever considered the consequences if Legionnaires’ disease was discovered in your water system?

ACOP L8 stipulates that each building must have its own log book to record historic temperatures and specific actions taken to manage the risk of Legionnaires’ disease within each estate or building complex. These log books are often in paper format and as such are highly susceptible to damage, being lost and forged temperature entries. Paper log books are also highly expensive and inaccurate to analyse for management information and very difficult and costly to audit. They can also use a lot of paper!

ZetaSafe® – Market Leading Web Based Legionella Log Books

ZetaSafe® is a sophisticated electronic Legionella log book used within Estates throughout the UK to manage the risks of Legionnaires’ disease.

ZetaSafe® utilises PDAs to ensure that engineers are actually present at the asset when the essential information is recorded digitally. This essential data is then uploaded to the internet to be viewed securely and to manage the site. ZetaSafe® streamlines admin processes and provides complete peace of mind to the end users that all works have been carried out – with a full audit trail to guarantee that works have occurred. As such, ZetaSafe® is proven at improving communication channels between contractors and provides you with the knowledge of priority risk areas when it comes to both remedial works and risk assessments.

ZetaSafe® is used by Universities, Local Authorities, MOD sites, Manufacturing Plants, NHS Trusts and Estates and anywhere that needs to comply with ACOP L8. Contact us today for a no obligation demonstration of ZetaSafe® to see it can improve the water hygiene compliance on your site.

Around 95% of ZetaSafe users surveyed stated that ZetaSafe:

  • Improved productivity
  • Easily identified non-Compliant assets
  • Delivered peace of mind

Find out how you can benefit from this amazing compliance solution, Contact us now.

For more information or a quotation just call 01869 326 000 or drop us a line

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