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Fire Engineering for the design and construction of buildings

Construction Fire Engineering

It is very important to consider the fire safety implications at the concept design stage. We can help you to design buildings that incorporate the latest fire safety engineering principles to achieve the visual and functional aesthetic whilst maintaining the highest standards of fire safety, and maximising commercial advantage.

Fire Engineering Design: For Business Not For Regulations

Building designers have more freedom of expression than ever before, thanks to fire engineering design. With a growing trend towards functional design and innovative solutions to fire issues, fire engineering puts safety at the center of every design from the very beginning. With such methods, a designer can create the building you need with the appearance you want and make it fire safe in the process. However, with so many codes and fire safety regulations to take into account, not to mention innovations in fire prevention methods and materials, our expert advice would be invaluable to your design team.

Zeta Services: At the Heart of your Design Team

Right from the start, Zeta can be there to help you and work with your designers to develop and integrate a fire engineered solution for even the most cutting edge building, ensuring fire safety regulations are met or even exceeded.

Typical aspects of building design that can benefit from our skills include:

  • Increase lettable/saleable floor space by reducing exit widths or removing staircases
  • Increasing travel distances within buildings
  • Reducing or eliminating structural fire protection
  • Increasing glazing within building facades or reducing the fire performance for glazed elements
  • Increasing compartment sizes and providing alternative methods of providing compartmentation
  • Omit sprinklers from buildings or maximising flexibility based on sprinklers
  • Optimising the fire safety system designs to reduce onus on building design

Zeta Services: Assessing Your Designs

Construction Fire Engineering
If you have plans drawn up for a new building or the refurbishment of an old one, Zeta can assess your building design at the architect’s design stage and advise on aspects such as:

  • Business Continuity
  • CFD Modelling
  • Design Consultancy
  • Evacuation Modelling
  • Fire Engineering
  • Fire Risk Assessment/RRO Audits
  • Independent Peer Review
  • Management Procedures
  • Structural Fire Engineering
  • Value Engineering

Put Zeta at the heart of your design team and relax knowing that your design fire safety is in experienced and professional hands.