Our People (your peace of mind)

Executive Team

Rob Nicoll

Executive Chairman

Graham Brown

Finance Director

Kate Gard

Operations Director

Malcolm Edwards

Sales Director

Commercial and Customer Services Team

Olivia Davis

National & Key Accounts Manager

Colin Sainsbury

New Business Development Manager - Fire and Water Safety Management

Mark Gallagher

New Business Development Manager - Water

Graham Bennett

Contracts Manager

Anne Walker

Anne Walker

Sales & Marketing Support Manager

Chantelle Cyrille

Customer Services Manager

Technical Experts

Jim Golt, Technical expert, Fire

Jim Golt


Giles Green

Associate Director

Gareth Bann

Products & Projects Manager

James Donagain

James Donagain

Specialist Compliance and Assurance Consultant

Darren Cassidy

Head of Fire Risk Management - Fire Division

Field Delivery Team

Ian McEvoy

UK Service Manager

Roy Perry

Technical Account Manager - Water Division

Nigel Fawcett

Special Operations Manager - Water Division


Zeta Services are always pleased to welcome new members to our team. Since our formation we have always tried to ensure that all employees can have a rewarding and enjoyable career within our business. We do not believe that a work environment needs to be aggressive and stressful in order to ensure productivity and to meet business objectives. We need our employees to want to work for the company and each member of the team should become part of the business foundations.

We are an extremely ambitious company which is constantly evolving and we are looking for professionals to help us meet our planned business goals. We need people who will live and breathe our corporate values;

These are the values that we look for in our job applicants and expect in all of our employees.
Our aim is to create an environment where great people can do the best work and find the path to realise their full potential.

Email our team: info@zetaservices.co.uk