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Legionella Compliance Audits

Zeta’s experts work with you to eliminate inefficient management and incorrectly applied regulations to ensure that people and buildings and protected at all times.

One of our senior team will take you through a step by step process to verify and validate where your compliance meets or exceeds the regulations and guidance and to produce you a clear action plan to close any gaps.

The control of legionella generates huge volumes of information and so your consultant will take the time to drill down into your records to identify any worrying trends or ongoing non-conformance which is often buried in the data.

This is what we call ‘Intelligent Compliance’ and an audit will help pinpoint any critical areas for improvement whilst also highlighting opportunities to pragmatically reduce the burden of compliance.

The risk to your reputation and liability around legionella management have never been greater, whilst the task of achieving compliance becomes ever more difficult.

One of Zeta’s expert consultants will meet with you and your team to evaluate your compliance in these key areas;

• Are policies and procedures up to date with ACoP L8 2013 and HSG274?
• Are management responsibilities being competently discharged?
• Are monitoring records complete and up to date?
• Have corrective actions been taken and evidenced?
• Is risk under control?

If you need assistance with Legionella compliance audits please contact us

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