Water Safety- Technical Expert

Giles Green

Associate Director

Giles moved from the laboratory to water treatment just weeks before the Stafford outbreak of legionnaires’ disease in 1985 and spent four years in that industry at a time when it was forced to learn about Legionella control. In 1989, he was invited to join a consultancy as a Legionella control specialist where he took a simple risk assessment algorithm and developed it into an all-embracing method, much of which can be seen in the British Standard 8580, of which he became co-author twenty years later.

Practicing in the field throughout, Giles’ experience includes not only routine risk assessment and consultancy but also investigations into outbreaks of legionnaires’ disease for tour operators with customers in overseas hotels and on cruise ships. He was also called by the prosecution as an expert witness in a manslaughter trial following a death by legionnaires’ disease in 1996.

A minor contributor to the HSE’s guidance in L8, Giles is co-author of CIBSE’s TM13, BS 8580 (legionella risk assessment) and BS 8551 (temporary water supplies) and he led the group representations by the Water Management Society, Legionella Control Association and British Association of Chemical Specialities to the HSE on risk-based cooling tower fill pack removal, which forms the two appendices to the guidance on their website. He currently participates in the committee which is redrafting the HSE guidance due to replace L8 in 2013, contributing to the cold and hot water section and the cooling tower fill pack assessment sections.

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